As part of Hitachi Consulting’s business plan to further develop high performers with the potential to become future leaders, a select group of individuals were given the opportunity to practice and hone their public speaking skills with Ginger Public Speaking.

With sponsorship from David Brindle, EMEA Regional Leader, Hitachi Consulting's Learning & Development Team worked closely with Ginger to offer an interactive and intensive public speaking training program.  Participants identified a topic or idea they were passionate about and worked hard to create a TED-style talk that could be delivered to convey their complex message through the power of speech.  As well as developing colleagues to be the best public speakers they could be, the aim of the program was to develop thought leadership on a range of subject areas.

Ginger is a specialist public speaking training company focused on helping to develop confident, authentic and influential communicators.  Ginger works with people of all levels to help them speak with confidence and impact, to become authentic and visible leaders who inspire and influence change. 

Hitachi Consulting’s internal Global Learning & Development team offers all its employees a broad variety of learning opportunities focused on developing technical skills as well as soft skills.  This is delivered through on-demand training videos, electronic books and eLearning courses as well as in-person training and highly interactive virtual training.