On a windswept morning at The MTC in Coventry, Hitachi and Google joined forces to host the IOT & Asset Management Roundtable with Hitachi’s very own Nick Kamen taking the reigns.

In attendance were 18 influential executives ready to hear the main theme of: “Delivering competitive advantage through IoT enabled Asset Management strategies – aligning OT and IT for optimisation, innovation, and growth”

The main idea of the event was an open discussion surrounding the challenges of designing and delivering an IoT strategy for their organisations and for delegates to gain a sense of how other high-profile companies are starting their IoT journey and setting the pace in their industries.

The day kicked off with an introduction from Business Development Director Nick Kamen and Google Partnerships Manager James Lowe to introduce the credentials of both companies in IoT and Digital Transformation.

This was followed by an engaging presentation from Illya Billig of Hitachi, summarising key trends in the IoT landscape and the practical challenges in developing and delivering a cohesive IoT strategy along with the presentation were key examples of how Hitachi has helped companies in different areas of OEE, Preventative Maintenance, and Digital Manufacturing.

The keynote presentation came from Ian Sudlow of BAE Systems (Air) who gave an insightful view of how his organisation is addressing some of their key business challenges through Digital Transformation and IoT acting as a key enabler for this.

All delegates had an opportunity to tour The MTC Digital Manufacturing shop floor to see some of the latest applications of technology in supporting companies to increase productivity and reduce costs in their operations.

The main session of the day was a discussion where delegates were encouraged to open up about their personal experiences of driving IoT strategies for their organisations and their own challenges and tips for success.

Topics covered included:

  • Connected Products & Services
  • OEE & Predictive Maintenance
  • Digital Twin Modelling for Assets & Facilities
  • Supply Chain Optimisation & Integration
  • Smart Factory Strategies & Automation
  • Energy Management & Sustainability

Some key themes emerged from the day:

  • Start small and build business cases based on clearly identified goals and benefits
  • POCs should be viewed as part of the journey (not R&D hobbies) and in the context of an IOT Roadmap
  • There is no easy answer or quick fix – this is difficult
  • Ecosystems and collaborative partnerships are essential to derive value from IOT
  • Don’t be side-tracked by the Technology – this is similar to Lean thinking and should focus on business outcomes
  • Data, Data, Data – but clarity on what data to capture and how to analyse this is essential

You can find the slides from the event here to download in PDF