Source-to-pay (S2P). It’s a fundamental, straightforward process for most companies in most industries. But for construction and engineering (C&E), industry standards create S2P requirements that most others don’t encounter. Any solution must enable you to digitalize your workflows for charge, pay and receive according to the business model that keeps you competitive in your unique market. Beyond these table stakes, any digital solution you consider should be able to fulfill the following modernization imperatives:

  • Enable scaling for growth. What are your three-year, five-year and 10-year plans? Is your company preparing for growth? Are you anticipating acquisitions? Are you planning to expand within your country or to other countries? Your S2P solution should scale with your organization as it evolves. A customized, niche product probably can’t go there.
  • Provide real-time data visibility across your organization. Look for an S2P solution that not only gives you visibility into your data, but also lets you decide what data is made available for decision-making. You know the performance indicators you need to monitor, and you need the flexibility to focus on those priorities.  
  • Fit your technology to your business objectives. S2P for your industry is the perfect example of using technology to enable your business. Because S2P is the backbone of your operations, you want an S2P solution that works. That integrates. That doesn’t require a lot of overhead. That you don’t have to worry about.

To help you move forward with confidence, Hitachi and Oracle have teamed up to define and develop a digital S2P solution that combines the strength and expertise of both firms.   Hitachi’s Construction and Engineering Accelerators for Oracle is an S2P solution built on Oracle PaaS that integrates seamlessly with Oracle's market-leading SaaS applications. One set of technologies implemented by one digital solution partner: Hitachi.

Learn how the Hitachi Construction and Engineering Accelerators for Oracle can position your company for a digital future. Contact your Hitachi representative or read the solution overview.