You know you’re going to move to the cloud sooner or later. It’s not overstating the case to say that if you don’t make the move, you will be left behind. Of course, knowing that you need to transition to the cloud is not the same as doing it. You know you need to move, but a misstep could be disastrous. Plenty of companies get bogged down with the question of how to make the move in the best, most forward-thinking way possible. And research has shown that as many of 70% of cloud transformations fail to reach their goals. But remaining on the fence could be very costly – one of those disastrous missteps. Let’s look at five insights that will help you break that impasse.

1: The move to the cloud is not easy. It’s a process that requires a wholesale commitment of time and resources.  We’ve seen companies surprised to find that the transition takes longer or is more expensive than they expected it to be -- careful planning can help you set reasonable expectations. Other companies get stuck on issues like which cloud vendor is the right one, or which of their assets and processes are right for the cloud. These are important questions that require some probing and expertise, but you can’t let them derail your efforts.

2: You need to do what you do best – but do it better. It’s not just about the latest technology; your real goal is to transform your business so that you can innovate faster and remain competitive. Start by doing a little self-examination to understand what is at the heart of your business. What are you best at and what makes money for your business? Unless yours is an IT company, the answer is not going to be IT. It’s going to be a set of products or services – or both. Then think long and hard about how you can deliver that product or service faster, cheaper, and better. Look at how you can get out in front of the competition, which these days is likely to include global as well as local competitors.

3: You’ll need to be a little ruthless. When you look hard at your business, be prepared to let go of some truths you thought were self-evident. Consider Microsoft just five or so years ago: There they were, with an entire business model built around their Windows and Office products. They could have rested on their laurels while other companies moved to the cloud. But instead, they had the guts to lighten their focus on those cash cows and quickly transform, via the cloud, to the incredibly successful service-based business they are today. You’re going to need to do the same. Take a fresh look at your business.

4: You’re going to need some help. Few businesses have the in-house expertise to accurately assess their cloud requirements and map their optimal path to the cloud. An experienced partner like Hitachi can meet you wherever you are in the process and get you across the finish line. We can help you choose the right cloud providers for your business, and we can help you figure out which assets and processes you need to move to the cloud for optimal performance and value. We’ve helped hundreds of companies across industries develop their strategies and make a successful move to the cloud, and we’re ready to help you do the same. 

5: Getting there is just the beginning. The cloud is not just a destination; it’s a delivery vehicle for driving innovation. To stay ahead of your competitors by driving continual innovation, you’ll need to make the best use of the foundation you’ve built.

I encourage you to work through the above insights and, with the right focus, become part of the strong minority of organizations that meet or exceed their cloud transformation goals.