Uncertainty is a terrible thing, regardless of the subject matter.  The crisis into which the world has been thrown as a consequence of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has exposed weaknesses and vulnerabilities across all sectors of society, proving a grand leveller as the disease resolutely refuses to discriminate between genders, cultures, religions, nationalities, ages, demographics... the list goes on and on.

In business terms, the industry sector I have spent so long working within was one of the first to feel the impact.  Retail and Hospitality by its very nature, already struggling badly in recent years as consumer and guest behaviours changed dramatically and Digital Transformation took an ever firmer hold as a business prerogative, has reeled from enforced operational closures and the ramifications of unplanned shut-downs.  Whilst there are heroic examples of some businesses morphing almost overnight to accommodate another New Reality, there are countless others who, when they closed their doors, had to accept that they may never open them again.

In the genuine spirit of wishing to help prepare Retail and Hospitality organisations for an eventual return to trading, we've been thinking about some offers of Solution-based interest.  One of the key elements is likely to be the ability to react with agility, flexibility and prioritised purpose whilst coming back up to speed yet having to contend with multiple locations and outlets distanced from their central administration.  The remote task management required while keeping employees and associates safe and healthy, and at the same time proving beyond doubt to customers that your Brand has their welfare in mind will be substantial - and hence Hitachi's offer to help advise upon and implement a re-engineered 'lite' solution to help position businesses for just this cause.  The Hitachi Task Management solution was already proven before COVID-19 - in its new, revised format it's now more ready than ever to prove its worth.

It's tricky to tread the extremely fine line between overt sales and altruistic concern and the last thing Retailers need right now is pushy salespeople.  We understand this, and the offer to work with organisations to 'do the right thing' now is an honest one - if you'd like to learn more about how, together, we can help you to prepare for the post COVID-19 Retail Reboot with tangible, proven capabilities please get in touch - we'd genuinely like to try to help.